A Walk On The Wild Side

Last Thursday I was in London and went to see The Lion King (amaaaazing; go see it if you haven’t already) and once I got over the initial goosebump inducing effect of the opening scene, I soon noticed and realised that the costumes were inspiring to say the least. The… View Post

Chanel Belle

The Fall 2010 beauty collection from French fashion house, Chanel, is to die for!  A palette of timeless colours are available in the classic Chanel products (including a khol eyeliner in a luxurious nude and a creamy lipstick in a very pale terracotta) with a contemporary twist of rich, autumnal… View Post

Wet Weather Wardrobe

When the summer weather turns bad, what do we wear? How do we look summery when the weather doesn’t? It’s a difficult one, because, visually, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that long sleeves, leggings and macs are appropriate wet-weather wear. When you venture out though, you end up feeling… View Post

Mulberry Madness

On Friday, I bought a Mulberry Bayswater! I am too excited for words, so let me just explain the background to help you understand my OTT hyper mood!In 2006, at the height of the It-bag frenzy, I fell in love with the Mulberry Roxanne. I coveted that bag for months… View Post

Surprise Surprise!

If I asked you, who would you say this dress is by? Lanvin? Georgio Armani? Michael Kors? It could be, but no, it’s not by any of these top designers. In fact, it isn’t by any top designer. It’s by ASOS – ASOS! (Cue sharp intake of breath!) Yes, you heard… View Post